Roltek industrial routers are equipped with a variety of wireless and wired connectivity options that are necessary to bring together people, machines, and infrastructures. This makes them indispensable industrial routers for your projects.

RLTK541 Industrial 5G Multi-Port Router

RLTK541 Industrial 5G Multi-Port Router

The RLTK541 is a 5G multi-port industrial router with high speed, wide bandwidth and low latency.

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5G - VPN
RLTK421 Industrial 4G/LTE VPN Router

RLTK421 Industrial 4G/LTE VPN Router

Rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE cellular router with advanced WiFi, two Ethernet ports and VPN selections.

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RLTK420 Industrial 4G/LTE Router

RLTK420 Industrial 4G/LTE Router

Compact and powerful 4G /LTE & WiFi cellular router with two Ethernet ports.

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RLTK120 Industrial WiFi Router

RLTK120 Industrial WiFi Router

Compact and powerful WiFi Industrial router with two Ethernet ports.

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20+ km

Radio Frequency coverage was created for drinking water automation in the whole city.


With the remote monitoring of PLCs in construction machines, the machines were prevented from stopping by intervening before the maintenance time came.


Communication between industrial equipment in power plants was ensured.

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