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Valuable data of working machines are collected with robust IoT Gateways.

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Distances are not a problem. The pumps operate automatically according to the tank level.

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A coverage area has been created in the whole city and water automation is carried out from this network.

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Completely Industrial
Hardware Products

Credibly grow premier ideas rather than bricks-and-clicks strategic theme areas distributed for stand-alone web-readiness.

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RLTK series industrial routers are designed to be easily installed in demanding connection scenarios.

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IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways

IoT Gateways are a series of programmable M2M gateways designed to connect a device to the Internet.

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Industrial Sensors, SensNode series NB-IoT Sensors & LoraWan Sensors are with you in all sensor measurements.

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High gain antennas, mounting equipment, outdoor cases lora antenna, rf antenna and different accessories

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Use Cases & Solutions

Roltek offers IoT solutions for industrial automation, smart cities, smart energy, and smart agriculture. Our IoT solutions help businesses improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and protect the environment. Roltek's wireless solutions are used by businesses around the world.

Industries We Serve

We are in every field where there is communication in the industry. Check out the projects where our products are used.

Remote Cabin Monitoring

The Critical Importance of The Security of Cities; Remote Cabin Monitoring Today, the security of cities is more important than ever. Therefore, protecting the critical equipment that constitutes the city ...


Wireless connectivity of industrial systems marks a remarkable transformation in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. This blog post will go over our wireless communication solutions for difficult industrial industries. ...

Rules Engine in IoT Platform

What is the Use of Rules Engine in IoT Platform? IoT Platform is a powerful tool with Rules Engine that forms the basis of automation and custom responses in IoT ...

Alarm Management on IoT Platform

Alarm Management on The IoT Platform In today's intricate and quickly evolving IoT projects, alarm handling on IoT platforms is essential. This feature provides instant information based on data from ...

We Follow Our Work Process

Everything is in order and planned. A flawless operation from idea to design, from manufacturing to after-sales support.


Roltek Technology brightest minds are behind the design of our IoT products.

Design & Manufacturing

Our in-house R&D develops new products quickly and efficiently, responding to market needs.


At the same time, we continuously enhance our existing portfolio by adding new features and expanding functionality.


Our pre-sales and after-sales support team always gives confidence.

  • 5G
  • 4G
  • NB-IoT
  • WiFi
  • Lora
  • Wi-Sun

Technology Level & Learning Resources

  • MQTT
  • Modbus
  • CoAP
  • OPC-UA
  • MBus


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