Remote Cabin Monitoring

Remote Cabin Monitoring

The Critical Importance of The Security of Cities; Remote Cabin Monitoring

Today, the security of cities is more important than ever. Therefore, protecting the critical equipment that constitutes the city infrastructure has become a priority goal for municipalities and related organizations. These cabinets house important equipment such as electrical distribution panels, traffic light control panels, and CCTV panels. However, risks such as vandalism, theft, sabotage, fire, and flooding threaten the security of this equipment. Cabinets containing valuable equipment are vulnerable to various dangers. Therefore, an effective security solution is required.

Remote Cabin Monitoring

Remote Cabin Protection Solutions;

When all these features come together, smart solutions such as EDGE Lite IoT Gateway and Fast IoT Platform increase the security of cities. It ensures operational continuity. And it contributes to creating a livable environment. These solutions provide city governments and residents with a powerful tool to ensure the security of critical equipment in city infrastructure. Thus, it enables cities to move towards a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future.

Smart solutions developed to ensure the security of cities are combined with EDGE Lite IoT Gateway and Fast IoT Platform integration. EDGE Lite IoT Gateway collects data from sensors in cabinets and It transfers this to the Fast IoT Platform over a 2G cellular connection. Additionally, thanks to this integration, the status of critical equipment is monitored in real time. Potential hazards are identified.

EDGE Lite IoT Gateway

EDGE Lite IoT Gateway secures critical equipment in cities. It is a specially designed IoT device. This gateway collects data from sensors in cabinets via RS-485, analog inputs, and digital input/output interfaces. Additionally, sensors such as open and closed doors, temperature and humidity sensors, and smoke detectors constantly monitor the status of the cabinets. Detects potential dangers. The collected data is transferred to the Fast IoT Platform with a 2G cellular connection over HTTP/HTTPS or the MQTT protocol.

  1. Reduce your costs with Modbus-supported I/Os. You do not need to use an additional PLC in many applications.
  2. 3x Digital Input
  3. 3x Relay Output
  4. 2x Analog Input (0-10V or 4-20mA)
  5. 1x RS-485 Interface
Remote Cabin Monitoring

Fast IoT Platform

The Fast IoT Platform records, reports, and analyzes data from the EDGE Lite IoT Gateway. This platform provides a comprehensive view of the status of critical equipment in the city. It detects possible dangers at predetermined, critical levels. Thus, it creates an alarm in critical situations, sends notifications to relevant users, and provides rapid intervention.

The data collected is typically processed through specialized software, such as a fast IoT platform. And it becomes visual. Highly customizable. Custom workflows, rules, and adapts to your needs. You have the ability to create alerts. Additionally, our platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It offers a simple interface that makes it easy to manage your IoT devices and data. Plus, you don’t have to be a technical expert to use it.

  • Drag&Drop Visualization
  • Drag&Drop Rules Engine
  • Data collecting
  • Low Code Platform
  • Alarm Management
  • Multi-Tenant
Uzaktan Kabin İzleme

Remote Cabin Control Advantages

EDGE Lite IoT Gateway and Fast IoT Platform integration offers many advantages for the security of cities. These benefits include:

Real-Time Monitoring: Data from sensors in the cabinets are monitored in real time. Thus, it quickly detects potential dangers.

Rapid Response: If predetermined critical levels are exceeded, notifications are quickly sent to relevant users and the problem is responded to immediately.

Data Analysis: Fast IoT Platform analyzes the collected data. It provides valuable information about the status of equipment in the city. In this way, long-term planning and improvements are made.

User-Friendly Interface: Fast IoT Platform’s user-friendly interface enables easy visualization and understanding of data. This speeds up decision-making processes and allows the development of more effective solutions.

Security and Efficiency: Advantages of RS-485 and Cellular Connection

RS-485 and cellular connectivity provide many benefits for urban security. These include:

Reliable Data Transfer: RS-485 interface ensures reliable collection of data from sensors.

Fast Transmission: Cellular connection ensures fast transfer of data and offers real-time monitoring.

Remote Access: Cellular connectivity provides access to data anytime and anywhere, increasing security and efficiency

Data Transmission and Communication

Another important element of security measures is using appropriate communication protocols. Devices such as the EDGE Lite IoT Gateway use different communication protocols to transmit collected data. For example, protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS or MQTT enable data to be transmitted securely. These protocols make it possible to collect data in a central location using communication channels such as cellular connections or Wi-Fi. Additionally, when appropriate security measures are taken, the security of data is ensured.

Data Protection and Authorization

Smart city projects collect and analyze data from many different sources. This data is obtained from various sensors, cameras, and other IoT devices. Data security is about protecting and authorizing that data. Therefore, it is important for cities to create and enforce data security policies. Authorization mechanisms ensure data security by allowing only certain users to access certain data. Additionally, security measures such as encryption should also be taken when storing and transmitting data.

The privacy of data collected in smart cities is of critical importance to protecting the rights of individuals. Ensuring the confidentiality of personal data protects the privacy of individuals and prevents unwanted monitoring or tracking. Therefore, cities should clearly define their data collection and use policies. These policies must be strictly adhered to. Additionally, transparency is ensured in the data collection process. And individuals should be informed about how their data will be used.

Remote Cabin Monitoring Security and Privacy Continuity

Technological solutions are also used to ensure data security and confidentiality. For example, encryption increases security when storing and transmitting data. It also uses strong authentication and access control mechanisms effectively to ensure data security. In addition, data monitoring and auditing systems also increase data security. It helps detect possible threats.

Smart solutions such as EDGE Lite IoT Gateway and Fast IoT Platform play a vital role in protecting cities’ valuable and operationally critical equipment. In addition, important equipment such as CCTV panels, internet distribution panels, electricity distribution panels, and traffic light control panels located in the cabinets in the city infrastructure is open to various risks, and it is necessary to be aware of these risks. Thanks to the EDGE Lite IoT Gateway’s RS-485 analog and digital input/output interfaces, it easily collects data from the sensors in these cabinets. It transfers it to the Fast IoT Platform. In this way, the status of the cabinets is monitored in real time. Possible dangers are quickly detected, and precautions are taken.

Features such as 2G cellular connection, low power consumption, and wide sensor connection support provided by the EDGE Lite IoT Gateway are extremely important to increase the security and operational continuity of cities. A 2G cellular connection ensures secure and fast transmission of data. Additionally, low power consumption contributes to energy savings. Built-in RS-485 connectivity and multi-sensor connection support facilitate the integration of various sensors. Thus, it increases the overall security of the city’s infrastructure.

Uninterrupted Monitoring and Instant Response

The Fast IoT Platform creates reports by recording the collected data. It also creates an alarm in critical situations. This is an important tool to ensure the security and operational continuity of cities. Regular reporting of data provides city managers with important information. It helps them determine the measures that need to be taken. The system also triggers alarms in critical situations and promptly intervenes to the relevant teams. It helps minimize possible damage.

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