Sound & Vibration AI Sensor

SensNode-LR-SV LoRaWAN Sound & Vibration AI Sensor

SensNode-LR-SV Sound and Vibration AI Sensor - A LoRa-based machine learning endpoint is the Sound and Vibration AI Sensor. It supports the Tensor Flow Lite machine learning framework, which allows users to train and deploy practical algorithmic models using various TinyML platforms. SensNode-LR-Sound and Vibration AI Sensor is designed for use in industrial environments and is intended for a variety of applications in factories or facilities. For example, it can detect machine malfunctions that may occur in production lines in advance or provide information about equipment status by performing vibration analysis. Additionally, as a company that provides solutions for industrial users, Roltek Technology provides a full range of solutions to industrial IoT projects, working together with a rapid deployment process that includes SensNode-LR-Sound and Vibration AI Sensor as well as integrated algorithm models, gateways and cloud services. offers a solution.

Ultra-long-distance transmission

10km in line of sight scene, 2 km in urban scenes

Ultra-low-power Lora module

Long battery life over 2 years.

Build-in Bluetooth 5.0,Easy to Deploy & Configure

On the hardware side, the LoRaWAN Sound & Vibration AI Sensor uses an MCU with AI acceleration, which can greatly improve machine learning efficiency and significantly reduce power consumption. With the built-in high sensitivity, high SNR MEMS microphone, it can accurately capture the original sound signal. Thanks to Seeed LoRa-E5 module, this sensor support worldwide LoRa band, including EU868 / US915 AU915 / AS923 / KR920 / IN865. We also add a built-in Bluetooth module, which makes it easy to deploy & configure the LoRaWAN net.

IP66 Enclosure, Suitable for Outdoor Applications

Embedded Machine Learning Sound AI supports Google TensorFlow Lite

Low‐power, low‐noise, high SNR MEMS microphone

The LoRaWAN Sound & Vibration AI Sensor support EU868/ US915/ AU915/ AS923/ KR920/ IN865

Shape Image
Shape Image
Shape Image

Imaging such a smart LoraWAN device that can truly understand the sound like a human:

  • Detect faults instantly with instant analysis.
  • It not only analyzes machines but also ambient sounds.
  • Not a fixed algorithm, but a flexible AI.
Best partners using SensNode-LR Series LoRaWAN Sensors
  • T.C. Cumhurbaşkanlığı
  • Saski

Emergency Detection

Glass break recognition and Machine breakdown recognition

Voice Recognition

Detects frequencies in machine malfunctions

Air Temperature
Range -40 to +85 °C
Accuracy ±0.2 °C
Resolution 0.01 °C
Long-term Drift <0.03 °C/year
Air Humidity
Range 0 to 100%RH
Accuracy ±1.8 %RH
Resolution 0.01 %RH
Long-term Drift <0.25 %RH/year
General Parameters
Product Model SensNode-LR-TH
Microcontroller Wio-E5
Support Protocol LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A
Built-in Bluetooth App Tool to change parameters
LoRaWAN Channel Plan IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/ AS923/KR920/RU864 *
Max Transmitted Power Sensitivity 19dBm
Sensitivity -136dBm@SF12 BW=125KHz
Communication Distance 2 to10km (depending on gateway antenna and environments)
IP Rating IP66
Operating Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Operating Humidity 0 to 100% RH (non-condensing)
Device Weight 280g
Certification CE / FCC / RoHS
Battery (Contained in equipment)
Battery Life Up to 10 years**
Battery Capacity 19Ah (non-rechargeable)
Battery Type Standard D-size SOCl2 Battery
* Every single device can support 7 frequency plans.
** This wireless LoRaWAN sensor supports up to 10 years of battery life, but the actual battery life varies from data upload interval, data payload, and distance between gateways.

  • CloudIO-DC-222
  • 1 adet WiFi antenleri (manyetik montaj, RP-SMA erkek, 1.5 m kablo)
  • Ethernet kablosu (1.5 m)
  • Hızlı Başlangıç Kılavuzu
  • FAST IoT Platform Flyer
  • Paketleme kutusu

CLOUDIO-DC-220 1x 2x 2x - -
CLOUDIO-DC-222 1x 2x 2x 1x 1x
CLOUDIO-DC-620 1x 6x 2x - -

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