System Room and Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring Environmental Information in Server Rooms and Its Importance

Nowadays, the technology-based infrastructures of businesses and institutions are becoming increasingly complex. Especially for many organizations, from municipalities to industrial facilities, server rooms are of vital importance. These rooms are centers where sensitive data is stored and processed. Therefore, any negative situation occurring in these rooms will have serious consequences.

Many dangers, from natural disasters such as fire and floods to technical malfunctions, seriously affect the functioning of server rooms. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly monitor these rooms and closely monitor environmental conditions. But monitoring not only determines the current situation; it also helps predict possible risks and take precautions.

Monitoring various environmental factors in server rooms, such as temperature, humidity, flooding, door security, and smoke, is an essential part of ensuring the security of these rooms. For example, extreme temperatures or humidity levels will cause hardware damage and data loss. If flooding or smoke are detected, rapid intervention is required. Early detection and response to server room anomalies are crucial for business continuity and data security.

Monitoring environmental conditions is also important to enable remote management and maintenance of the facility. Thanks to remote access and control opportunities, problems are quickly detected and resolved. And staff intervene quickly when necessary. This reduces operating costs and increases operational efficiency.

System Room and Environmental Monitoring

System Room and Environmental Monitoring Solutions;

In server rooms, temperature, humidity, flood, doors and server cabinets (magnetic sensors), smoke detectors, etc. It will track environmental information, such as Sensors need to be spread out. That’s why there are wireless SensNode LoraWan sensors. The LoraWan coverage area in the server room is utilized to collect sensor data. The collected data is transferred to the Fast IoT Platform via HTTP/HTTPS or MQTT protocol over 4G LTE cellular internet with the RLTK Router. Fast IoT Platform records, processes, visualizes, and reports all data. It instantly creates alarms for unusual values and notifies relevant people via SMS and e-mail. This way, serious data loss is prevented.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data from sensors used in server rooms is typically collected&analyzed through cloud-based IoT platforms. These platforms enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting of data. At the same time, an alarm is automatically generated if abnormalities are detected. And they can send notifications to relevant personnel. The flexibility of wireless sensors and the capabilities of cloud-based data analytics platforms help businesses manage their server rooms more securely and efficiently. Therefore, it is extremely important for any organization to adopt sensor technology to monitor and manage the environmental conditions of their server rooms.

Collecting Data from Sensors; Fast IoT Platform

Sensor data from server rooms is typically collected via an IoT-based platform. These sensors measure various environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity, flooding, smoke, and door security, and produce this information in digital format. The data collected is usually stored and processed on a cloud-based platform.

The FAST IoT Platform is highly customizable. You have  the ability to create custom. Such as workflows, rules, and alerts tailored to your needs. Our platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The interface provides a straightforward method for managing IoT devices and data. Plus, you don’t have to be a technical expert to use it.

  1. Drag&Drop Visualization
  2. Drag&Drop Rules Engine
  3. Data collecting
  4. Low Code Platform
  5. Alarm Management
  6. Multi-tenant
System Room and Environmental Monitoring

RLTK421 Industrial 4G/LTE VPN Router

It is specifically designed for industrial IoT applications. It is a compact, robust, and powerful industrial router. RLTK421 is equipped with 2x Ethernet (LAN/WAN) and WiFi with hotspot functionality. Multiple VPN options are available, such as open VPN, IPsec, firewall, hotspot, and remote connection. It provides a secure and stable internet connection for industrial applications.

2x Ethernet Ports (LAN/WAN)

1x SIM


RS485, RS232

Hardware Monitoring System

System Room and Environmental Monitoring

Quick Response and Alarm System

Monitoring environmental conditions in server rooms is of critical importance for the early detection of possible risks and the prevention of serious damage. Rapid response and alarm systems are crucial components of the sensor response and alarm systems quickly detect any abnormalities occurring in server rooms. For example, when excessive temperature, high humidity, flooding or smoke is detected, the system automatically raises an alarm. This ensures prompt intervention in case of potential risks, thereby preventing severe harm.

Quick response and alarm systems ensure business continuity by reducing human error. It works automatically instead of manual monitoring. These systems react quickly and reliably in the event of any abnormality. This significantly reduces the risk of human error and increases the security of the business.

Using rapid response and alarm systems in server rooms ensures business continuity and data security. Rapid detection and response to abnormal situations can lead to severe data loss or business interruptions. Therefore, rapid response and alarm systems are critical to maintaining business continuity and data security.

Scalability and Wide Usage Area

Scalability is the ability of a system or solution to adapt to increasing demands or growing requirements. This means that the capacity or performance of the system can be increased. Sensors and data acquisition systems used to monitor environmental conditions in server rooms must also be scalable. This makes it possible to easily expand the solution as the needs of a business or organization change or grow.

Wide Area of Use and Applications in Different Sectors

Monitoring environmental conditions in server rooms is not limited to just one industry or sector. These solutions are needed in many different areas, from municipalities to the healthcare sector, from retail businesses to educational institutions. For example, a municipality’s data center must meet the same standards of sensitivity and security. Similarly, the server rooms of a hospital or school are equally important.

One Solution, Multi-Point Usability

Scalability, broad use refers to the capacity to offer a single solution at multiple points. This means that a business or organization can use the same environmental monitoring solution in server rooms located in multiple locations. In this way, costs are reduced and centralized management and monitoring is provided. It is also important that the solution is easily extensible. Because as new locations are added or existing locations grow, the solution must adapt to these changes.

Solutions are developed to cater to the diverse needs of various businesses and organizations. These solutions become used in different sectors and at many points. This increases the efficiency of businesses and ensures security and continuity.

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