Remote Silo & Tank Monitoring


It is important to monitor occupancy rates to allow planning and business continuity of places such as silos in factory sites, and tanks in water and wastewater centers. If loading and unloading are not managed on time, it can create high financial and environmental losses.

Other critical indicators to monitor are the temperature, humidity, and pressure of silos and tanks. These factors are essential for safe silo and tank storage as most of the losses are due to unsuitable containment conditions during the storage phase. The faster the detection of abnormal situations, the lower the losses.



CloudIO Lite IoT Gateway gateways can be used in any storage unit and are connected to sensors such as level sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and pressure sensor via internal I/Os and RS-485 connection. It collects information about the fullness, temperature and humidity, and pressure of silos and tanks. All data then goes to the Central Management Platform (Fast IoT Platform) via the MQTT protocol. When the silos and tanks reach the predetermined level, temperature, and humidity threshold values, CloudIO Lite IoT Gateway sends an SMS or e-mail to the relevant people. This alarm feature allows planning and prevents downtime.



SensNode Modbus Temperature Sensor

CloudIO Lite IoT Gateway

FAST IoT Platform



  • Remote management: There is no need to physically go to the location to measure the status of silos and tanks in real-time and set alarm levels.
  • Reliable connectivity: Provides reliable connectivity even in remote or rural areas with 2G.
  • Ease of installation: The CloudIO Lite IoT Gateway is small, light and energy-efficient, providing flexibility to install almost anywhere. Rugged: It has an RS-485 connection, analog inputs, and multiple digital inputs/outputs for sensor connection and control.


CloudIO Lite IoT Gateway


CloudIO Lite IoT Gateway are developed for remote monitoring and control in iot applications. It is a gateway that allows devices using Modbus RTU protocol to be included in Modbus TCP/IP and MQTT networks over GSM. It is an excellent choice for remote I/O applications thanks to its 3 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 2 analog inputs supporting Modbus TCP/IP and MQTT protocol.


Built-in, integrated DIN mounting

Easy mounting on the panel


Modbus Support

3x Digital Input
3x Relay Output
2x Analog Input

10-24 V


Wide range of supported power supply voltages


35 X 102 X 117 mm

Palm-sized Design



Modbus TCP/IP
Modbus RTU



Serial: 1X RS485 / 2 PIN - ±15 KV (HBM) ESD Protection

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