Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System

remotely controlled urban ırrigation system

The Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System aims to optimize the irrigation needs of city parks and green areas with modern technologies. This is a smart irrigation solution. Parks and green areas offer an escape point from the intensive pace of city life. However, appropriate watering, maintenance of these green spaces is time-consuming and difficult using traditional methods. It is at this point that the Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System comes into operation. This system, an intelligent irrigation solution that incorporates modern technology, makes use of sensor data. It constantly monitors the current state of plants, soil and environmental conditions. This system aims to effectively manage the green tissue of cities through irrigation.

Importance and Characteristics of Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System

Effectively irrigating the green areas of cities can be a challenging task with traditional methods. They are smart solutions developed to overcome difficulties and manage greenery efficiently. These systems include technological features such as sensors, data transmission, cloud-based analysis and remotely control.

Remotely controlled urban irrigation systems continuously monitor environmental conditions using various sensors. The current state of plants, soils is determined using soil moisture sensors, temperature sensors, precipitation meters, and air pressure sensors. These sensors provide important data for determining the irrigation need and optimizing irrigation programs.

The data obtained from the sensors is transferred to a central database via wireless communication protocols or IoT technology. Communication protocols such as radio frequency (RF), Zigbee, LoRaWAN or 4G LTE enable the secure transfer of sensor data. This allows for the continual monitoring and regulation of green spaces in various places.

Remotely managed urban irrigation systems do detailed analysis by sending acquired data to cloud-based platforms. These platforms create irrigation programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each region. Furthermore, irrigation tactics will be optimized by incorporating meteorological data and considering future weather forecasts.


Irrigation System Problem

Like plants in houses, plants in large urban parks need constant care and adequate hydration. Watering a potted plant is easy. However, serious issues develop with irrigation in parks and gardens around the city. Especially in terms of operational costs and plant health. Due to the fact that plants grown in the city are subject to serious changes in the local microclimate, the humidity ratio must be correct. It is inefficient for workers to roam throughout the city inspecting, maintaining all green spaces. Irrigation systems eliminate these needs. It makes irrigation much faster and more efficient. To further increase the efficiency of this type of solution, the irrigation system is automated. It’s critical to note that such a system requires connections for all sensors, control equipment.

Irrigation System Solution

Sensors such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, pressure, flow, meters and electric valves should be used to provide remotely irrigation system control in green areas. The ModProBus RTU-P RF product allows collecting sensor and valve information from parks and gardens by radio frequency. CloudIO Pro IoT Gateway, transmit this information to the Fast IoT Platform over a 4G LTE connection. The Fast IoT Platform knows the appropriate humidity level determined for each region and ensures that the electric valves work accordingly. Inadequate or excessive watering is avoided, and plant health and irrigation equipment are remotely monitored. The irrigation system may run automatically and be monitored and regulated in real time.

FAST IoT Platform

It is a data analysis platform that allows for remotely management of IoT devices. This platform collects data from sensors and devices used in various industries. It analyzes and allows users to monitor and manage this data in an interactive way. FAST IoT Platform has wide application areas used in various sectors such as energy, agriculture, industry, urban planning. This platform facilitates integration between IoT devices, ensures data security. It helps users to effectively manage complex IoT ecosystems.


In short, the FAST IoT Platform provides an infrastructure for industrial IoT solutions. It will provide extensive assistance to its users with data analysis, remotely control and management difficulties.

Industrial EDGE Lite IoT Gateway

The EDGE Lite IoT Gateway is a versatile and lightweight controller that supports multiple Fieldbus protocols and has various wireless features. It can serve as a standalone PLC in field automation applications or as an industrial gateway. It provides communication capabilities to the original PLC, enabling seamless network and cloud integration. With its flexible and reliable design, the EDGE Lite IoT Gateway is an ideal choice in a wide range of industrial automation applications.

  • 4x isolated DI; 6x isolated DO
  • 1x Isolated RS485;
  • 1x USB2.0 A1
  • 4x Isolated Analog Input (4-20mA)
  • 2x Isolated Analog Output (0-5V) 1x Isolated CAN BUS

ModProBus RTU-P RF;

The series of modems have been developed for Industrial automation and Intelligent agricultural applications. Thanks to the RS232 and RS485 ports, it provides secure and fast wireless radio frequency communication between automation units such as many industrial machines, HMI panels and Decs. Thanks to the I/O port, you can perform your digital I/O operations directly via the modem using the Modbus RTU protocol, without the need for an additional device. Reduce your costs with Modbus supported I/Os, as you do not need to use additional PLC in many applications.

  • Digital Input
  • Relay Output
  • Analog Input (0-10V or 4-20V)
  • RS-485 Interface
  • Free unlicensed band communication
  • Industrial EDGE Lite IoT Gateway

Benefits of Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System

The ModProBus RTU-P RF has many I/O connectors that enable remote device control and monitoring. The CloudIO Pro IoT Gateway provides 4G LTE connectivity, which allows the transfer of data collected from sensors to the monitoring center. Fast IoT Platform provides real-time monitoring, control and automation of the system.

Water Saving: The sensors’ instantaneous data enhances savings by ensuring efficient use of water.
Energy Efficiency: Optimized irrigation programs minimize energy consumption and increase system efficiency.
Phytosanitary: Supports the healthy growth of plants with the right irrigation strategies.
Operational Control: Remotely control allows operational processes to be managed more effectively.
Environmental Sustainability: Water and energy conservation make important contributions to environmental sustainability.

Remotely Controlled Urban Irrigation System

There is a need for spaces in cities where we can breathe, connect with nature. This need is taken one step further with intelligent irrigation systems. The management of green areas is no longer limited to just the right irrigation. At the same time, it also integrates with environmental sustainability and efficiency. ModProBus RTU-P RF and The Edge Lite IoT Gateway products that come into play here add a whole new dimension to smart irrigation systems.

The Future of Green is in Smart Hands

The Edge Lite IoT Gateway can be considered as the brain of intelligent irrigation systems. By processing the data collected with various sensors, it transforms this data into meaningful information. In addition, it offers an interactive control opportunity to its users. At the same time, it works integrally with ModProBus RTU-P RF products. In addition, it provides data transfer using wireless communication protocols. Thanks to this, the green areas are constantly monitored and controlled. The wide applications offered by the Fast IoT Platform are being achieved. Edge Lite IoT Gateway and ModProBus RTU-P RF products are used in various sectors such as agriculture, industry, urban planning. This platform offers a complete architecture for managing, analyzing,  remotely controlling Internet of Things devices. A complete solution for efficient management of city parks and green spaces has been achieved.

Edge Lite IoT Gateway, ModProBus RTU-P RF solutions usher smart irrigation systems into the future. These products help us to offer a healthier and more aesthetic environment to our cities by combining technology and green. Let’s take steps to make city life more sustainable by discovering these technological solutions.

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