Data Collection From Production Lines & Mes

Data Collection From Production Lines and MES



Manufacturing facilities operate with a vast array of complex, specialized machinery and equipment that require skilled engineers to configure and maintain. These machines are typically sourced from different suppliers, and each one has unique requirements for optimal performance. However, situations such as malfunction, improper functioning, or the need for on-site reconfiguration can cause significant disruptions in the production line, leading to costly delays and losses.

In addition to these technical challenges, monitoring and analyzing the performance data of these machines is critical for ensuring efficient and high-quality production. When this data is not properly tracked, it can lead to subpar quality and inefficiencies in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, manually recording this information on paper or inputting it into a system can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, creating an unnecessary burden on operators.

To address these issues, manufacturing companies must adopt advanced technologies and tools to optimize their machinery’s performance, automate data collection and analysis, and minimize disruptions to their production processes. By doing so, they can achieve greater efficiency, higher quality, and more significant profits in the long run.



Networking machines on production lines offers numerous benefits, including the ability to collect valuable data that can be used to optimize processes and improve production efficiency. One such tool that can facilitate this is the CloudIO DataCollector industrial gateway. This device comes equipped with an Ethernet port, configurable digital inputs and outputs, and RS485 connectivity, making it easy to connect a range of equipment and computers to the internet.

The DataCollector also features pre-configured Firewall, ensuring that the solution is secure from the ground up. Additionally, it provides data encryption with support for multiple VPNs, ensuring that sensitive data is kept safe from unauthorized access.

One of the most notable features of the DataCollector is its rugged industrial design. It is built to withstand high temperatures and vibrations, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments where other devices may fail.

By using the DataCollector to automatically gather working and production information from each of the machines, companies can increase the quality and efficiency of their production processes. This allows operators to monitor the real-time progress of their production plan remotely and in real-time, making it easier to identify and resolve issues as they arise.

Overall, the CloudIO DataCollector industrial gateway is a powerful tool that can help companies optimize their production processes, increase efficiency, and boost profits. With its advanced features and rugged design, it is the ideal solution for companies operating in challenging industrial environments.




CloudIO Data Collector IoT Gateway

CloudIO Data Collector IoT Gateway

FAST IoT Platform



  • The CloudIO DataCollector industrial gateway is a versatile and powerful device that offers a range of features to support data acquisition, security, and rugged industrial use.
  • One of the primary benefits of the DataCollector is its support for widely-used industrial protocols such as the Modbus and MQTT protocols. This enables the device to seamlessly integrate with other industrial systems and devices, allowing for real-time monitoring, analytics, optimization, and health control for MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems. With the ability to automatically gather data from multiple machines on the production line, operators can gain insights into their production processes and make data-driven decisions to optimize efficiency and productivity.
  • To ensure that sensitive data is kept secure, the DataCollector comes with pre-defined and preconfigured Firewall settings, as well as support for multiple VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols. This ensures that the device is secure from the ground up, protecting the system from potential security breaches and unauthorized access. With advanced security features, manufacturers can rest assured that their valuable production data is safe and protected.
  • In addition to its advanced data acquisition and security features, the DataCollector is also designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. The device is made from a robust aluminum enclosure that provides protection from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and vibrations. The device’s configurable I/Os support a wide range of power supply voltages, making it versatile enough to be used in a variety of industrial settings.
  • Overall, the CloudIO DataCollector industrial gateway is a valuable tool for manufacturers looking to optimize their production processes and improve efficiency. With its support for industrial protocols, advanced security features, and rugged industrial design, the DataCollector is an ideal solution for companies operating in challenging industrial environments.


CloudIO Data Collector IoT Gateway


CloudIO Data Collector is a versatile gateway that allows you to easily integrate devices using Modbus RTU protocol into modern IoT networks using Modbus TCP/IP and MQTT. It has a range of input and output options including 6 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs making it suitable for a variety of remote I/O applications. It also supports both Modbus TCP/IP and MQTT protocols, providing flexibility and compatibility with different network environments. Whether you need to monitor and control your devices remotely, or integrate them into a larger IoT system, the CloudIO Data Collector is an excellent choice.

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Built-in, integrated DIN mounting

Easy mounting on the panel


Modbus Support

6x Digital Input
2x Relay Output

10-24 V


Wide range of supported power supply voltages


103 x 48 x 100 mm

Palm-sized Design



Modbus TCP/IP & Modbus RTU



Serial: 1X RS485 / 2 PIN – ±15 KV (HBM) ESD Protection

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