Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold Chain Monitoring

The Importance of Cold Chain Management

 Failure to meet the temperature requirements of products has serious consequences for sensitive materials such as food products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. If these products go beyond the specified temperature ranges, even for a short time, it significantly affects the quality and effectiveness of the products. This is an inevitable problem, especially in different warehouses and transportation processes where products are kept throughout the supply chain. Cold Chain Monitoring is the solution to this problem

In addition to financial losses, the ineffectiveness or degradation of such products also poses health risks and safety concerns. Therefore, it is a critical requirement for businesses to constantly monitor the temperature and other important values of products at every stage in the supply chain.

Cold chain management ensures product quality and safety through accurate and effective monitoring and management. Businesses must prioritize this issue and utilize advanced technologies to optimize their supply chain processes.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Values to be Followed in the Logistics Process

In the logistics processes of sensitive products such as food products, chemicals, medicines, and vaccines, certain values must be constantly monitored. These values are critical to maintaining the quality and integrity of products. In particular, among the basic values that should be followed in the logistics process, there are parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, carbon dioxide levels, and sometimes even the location of the products.

Temperature: The temperature requirements of sensitive products such as food products, medicines, and vaccines must be kept within certain ranges. Any temperature violation seriously affects the quality and effectiveness of products.

Humidity: Maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial, particularly for certain medications and chemicals. High humidity causes products to deteriorate or become ineffective.

Light Intensity: Some drugs and chemicals degrade under the influence of light. Or it becomes ineffective. Therefore, the light intensity of the products should be kept under control.

Carbon Dioxide Levels: Monitoring carbon dioxide levels is crucial, especially in products undergoing fermentation or chemical reactions. High carbon dioxide levels negatively affect the quality of products.
LoraWan Network: LoraWan is a long-range, low-power wireless communication technology. This technology is capable of communicating over large areas and long distances. Moreover, thanks to its features, it is an ideal solution to reliably transmit data from SensNode sensors located in different warehouses and transport vehicles throughout the supply chain.

SensNode LoraWan Sensors: They are small, portable, and low-power devices used to measure various parameters. These sensors measure various parameters, such as GPS, temperature, humidity, light intensity, and carbon dioxide. This data is transmitted to LoraWan Gateways through the LoraWan network. Continuous monitoring and follow-up are ensured throughout the supply chain to ensure that products remain at specified values.

Fast IoT Platform for Efficient Tracking

GPS Tracking: GPS technology is widely used to locate products throughout the supply chain. In this way, where the products are their stage is monitored in real time. This makes logistics processes more efficient.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Monitoring temperature and humidity is crucial for sensitive products. Thanks to these sensors, products are ensured to remain within specified temperature and humidity ranges. Thus, the quality and safety of the products are maintained.

Fast IoT Platform: It enables the collection, storage, and analysis of data collected throughout the supply chain. Additionally, these platforms facilitate supply chain management by providing functions such as real-time monitoring, detecting anomalies, and generating alarms.

FAST IoT Platform, Custom workflows are tailored to your rules and needs. You have the ability to create alerts. Our platform has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The interface provides a straightforward method for managing IoT devices and data. Plus, you don’t have to be a technical expert to use it.

  • Drag&Drop Visualization
  • Drag&Drop Rules Engine
  • Data collecting
  • Low Code Platform
  • Alarm Management
  • Multi-tenant
Cold Chain Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring and Alarm System

Real-Time Monitoring of Data: Technologies such as SensNode sensors and the LoraWan network. The supply chain is continuously monitored for real-time values such as temperature, humidity, product location. If abnormalities or values fall outside the specified ranges, immediate intervention can be made

Anomaly Detection and Alarm Generation: Software such as the Fast IoT Platform analyzes the collected data. Detects abnormal situations. For example, an alarm is automatically generated when the temperature goes out of the specified range or when products leave a certain location. This alarm ensures that relevant personnel are quickly informed and the necessary measures are taken.

Quick Response and Taking Precautions: An alarm enables quick intervention in any abnormal situation. In this way, the safety and integrity of the products are protected. When temperature values exceed the specified range, products are promptly moved to another warehouse. Cooling systems come into play.

Benefits and Contributions to Business

Reliable Connection: The LoraWan network and the Fast IoT Platform offer businesses a reliable connection. In this way, products are continuously monitored and tracked throughout the supply chain. A reliable logistics process is ensured.

Simple Installation: SensNode LoraWan sensors provide advantages for businesses thanks to their easy installation features. These sensors are battery-operated. Provides wireless communication. This makes the installation process quite simple.

Precise Traceability: The Fast IoT Platform offers businesses precise traceability by allowing data analysis. This enhances product stability throughout the supply chain and enables the detection of abnormal conditions.

RLTK Router; Industrial 4G/LTE VPN Router with Serial Port

The RLTK421 Industrial 4G/LTE VPN Router is specially designed for industrial IoT applications. It is a compact, robust, and powerful industrial router. RLTK421 is equipped with 2x Ethernet (LAN/WAN) and WiFi with hotspot functionality. Multiple VPN options are available, such as open VPN, IPsec, firewall, hotspot and remote connection. It provides a secure and stable internet connection.

  • IPsec VPN, PPTP, L2TP, OPEN VPN, GRE etc.
  • 2x Ethernet Ports (LAN/WAN)
  • 1x SIM
  • Wifi
  • RS485, RS232
  • Hardware Monitoring System
Cold Chain Monitoring

Reliable and Efficient Cold Chain with Technological Innovations

These innovative solutions in supply chain management represent an important step towards ensuring the safety and integrity of sensitive materials such as food products, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters. It means maintaining the quality of products and providing rapid intervention when necessary. Technologies such as the LoraWan network and SensNode LoraWan sensors provide seamless and reliable monitoring throughout the supply chain. Thus, financial losses for businesses are minimized. Customer satisfaction increases.
With benefits such as reliable connection, simple installation and precise traceability, these solutions provide businesses with operational efficiency and a competitive advantage. The Fast IoT Platform enhances business efficiency by analyzing collected data. It plays an important role in determining future strategies.
As a result, these technological innovations are revolutionizing supply chain management. Adopting these solutions to ensure the safety of products and minimize financial losses increases the competitive advantage of businesses while also strengthening customer trust. Therefore, businesses investment in such technologies should be seen as a strategy for the future.
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