7 Steps to Transition from 2G to 4G Guide;

Upgrade Your Industrial Communication and Control Products by Switching to 4G

The termination of 2G cellular connections in Turkey and around the world triggers a major technological transformation in industrial sectors. This transformation requires you to update your existing industrial systems with the advantages of 4G technology. In this article, we will discuss topics such as why the transition from 2G to 4G is necessary, how it can be achieved and what its benefits are in industrial sectors. We will also examine the role of 5G technology in this transformation.

1. 4G Products Overview

It’s Integrated IoT Gateways and 4G Router product lines provide strong and dependable solutions built to suit your industrial communication and control requirements. Furthermore, these products offer the best degree of performance due to the speed, security, and connection continuity provided by 4G technology.

2. With which products can we switch to 4G?

It is important to determine whether your existing 2G devices are suitable for migration to 4G compatible products. Roltek’s 4G product range offers options to suit a range of industrial needs. Therefore, you can get support from our experts to determine which devices or systems are suitable for upgrade.

3. Update and Integration Process

Migrating from your existing 2G systems to 4G requires careful planning and integration. Our expert team analyzes your existing devices and systems. Additionally, it selects suitable 4G products and performs the integration seamlessly.

4. Advantages of 4G

Having 4G technology support your migration offers a number of benefits:

  1. High Speed: Data transmission speed increases so you get faster response.
  2. Better Security: 4G offers advanced security features so you can transmit your data more securely.
  3. Uninterrupted Connection: 4G provides connection continuity so your systems operate without interruption.
  4. Remote Access: Remote monitoring and control becomes more effective with 4G.
Transition to 4G

5G: Expectations and Realities

5G technology offers high-speed data transmission and low latency, offering promising potential for future connections. However, the 5G network in Turkey is not yet fully ready and 4G continues to offer an ideal solution for many industrial applications.

  • 4G Compatible and Reliable: Currently, 4G technology is a convenient, reliable and effective solution for industrial communication and control. 5G may be useful in certain applications, but 4G is still the optimal solution for many situations.
  • Be Ready for the Future: Until the 5G infrastructure is fully established in Turkey, 4G transition is the most logical step to prepare your existing systems for the future. With the spread of 5G, you can transform in the future.

6. Support and Training

As Roltek Technology, we are happy to support you at every stage of your 4G transition process. We also offer training and consulting services to maximize your use. Our expert team is always with you to produce special solutions for you.

Transition to 4G

7. Transition to 4G in Industrial Sectors

4G transformation in industrial sectors is a significant opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce interruptions and improve remote monitoring and control. Therefore, digital transformation helps future-proof industrial systems and provides a competitive advantage.

Automation Industry:

Increase Productivity

Industrial automation can greatly benefit from the advantages offered by 4G technology. In addition, the transformation in the sector increases productivity.

High Speed Data Transmission:

4G increases data transmission speed, thus enabling faster and more precise control of production processes.

Remote control:

Industrial automation systems can be monitored and controlled remotely with 4G. In addition, it enables effective management of facilities in remote areas.

Problem Diagnosis:

4G makes it easier to diagnose and resolve problems instantly, improving business continuity.

Energy sector:

Improving Deployment and Maintenance

The energy sector can greatly benefit from 4G technology to make energy distribution and maintenance more efficient.

Network Monitoring:

4G enables real-time monitoring of energy grids and collection of network data. It also makes it possible to better manage energy resources.

Remote Maintenance:

Energy infrastructure can easily perform remote maintenance and updates with 4G. It also helps prevent interruptions.

Smart Metering:

4G securely transmits data of smart meters, which improves consumption analysis and energy savings.

Transportation Sector:

Logistics and Security Improvements

The transportation sector provides major improvements in logistics and security by using the fast and reliable connections offered by 4G technology.

Transport Tracking:

4G enables real-time tracking of vehicles and cargo, enabling better management of logistics processes.

Security cameras:

Security cameras used in transportation can instantly transfer data via 4G, increasing security measures.

Transition to 4G

Emergency Response:

With 4G, emergency response systems in vehicles work faster, which increases safety.

Agriculture Sector:

Productivity and Data Analysis

The agricultural sector can become more efficient and sustainable with the integration of 4G technology into agricultural practices.

Data collecting:

Agricultural sensors monitor soil and plant health by collecting data via 4G. This increases efficiency.

Remote Watering:

4G saves water by remotely controlling irrigation systems.

Weather Forecast:

With 4G, agricultural applications have instant access to weather data, improving crop forecasts.

Conclusion and Future

Switching from 2G to 4G ensures that your industrial communication and control systems are future-ready. This technical transformation enhances business processes by enhancing communication speed, reliability, and efficiency. To keep up with future technological advances, you should start planning your 4G migration now. As Roltek Technology, we will be happy to support you at every stage of this transformation. Contact us for solutions and expertise specific to your needs. Roltek is recommended for digital transformation and updating industrial systems to prepare for the future.

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