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ModProBus LTE Modem

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ModProBus LTE Modem

What is ModProBus LTE Modem?

ModProBus LTE is a modem developed for automation systems to meet high speed requirements.

ModProBus LTE Modem transfers Modbus RTU data packets from/to RS485 port to/from remote automation units over LTE network. Preferable for Modbus bommunication on LTE bands. ModProBus LTE modem integrates 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs optionally. Integrated inputs and outputs can be accessed directly using Modbus RTU and TCP/IP protocols. Thus, ModProBus LTE can be used for I/O controll in automation projects, it fullfills the requirement of additional I/O module. Inputs and outputs ports on the Modem can be monitored and controlled via SCADA, PLC or HMI panels.


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ModProBus LTE Modem Features


  • Easy installation,
  • 2KBps – 56.7KBps Data rates,
  • Modbus RTU support,
  • RS485 communication port,
  • Transparent data transfer,
  • Wireless I/O transfer feature,
  • 0-10V , 4-20mA Analogue Input (1),
  • Digital Input (1),
  • Digital Output (1),
  • Changeable Modbus ID,
  • High level data security ( CRC , Checksum and Special Data Encryption),
  • Configuration GUI,
  • Communication signal strength measurement ( RSSI ),
  • Easily Mountable to DIN rail,
  • Suitable for wide range of wireless solutions,
  • Indoor and Outdoor mountable protective case options,

(1) optional, please ask before purchase.


Why ModProBus LTE Modem ?


  • Easy installation,
  • Offers robust solution compared to wired systems,
  • Eliminates labour and cable costs,
  • Removes the risks of faulty cabling and possibility of cable damages and theft ,
  • Low cost,
  • High speed,
  • No need additional I/O modules,
  • Wide network coverage,




  • PLC and SCADA applications,
  • Telemetry applications,
  • Industrial automations applications,
  • Wireless control and data communication applications,