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Wireless Control and Monitoring Systems

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Wireless Control and Monitoring Systems

Offers wireless control and monitoring solutions for increasing efficiency of energy
consumption and resource management.
Because of the increasing population and consumptions rates, the importance of the energy resources is increasing day by day. Roltek Electronic offers wireless control and monitoring systems addressing productive usage of energy resources and for renewable energy sources.
What do we do?
  • Lighting control and management solutions,
  • Waste management solutions,
  • Clean water automation solutions,
  • Irrigation automation solutions,
  • Wireless solutions for renewable energy power plants.
  • SCADA and automation solutions for smart farming and smart cities.


Benefits of Wireless Control and Monitoring Systems

  • Reduces energy and resource consumptions,
  • Advanced monitoring and control,
  • Optimisation by data collection, reporting and analyzing,
  • Independent of location,
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