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DepoPomp Radio Pump – Reservoir Automation System

Roltek > DepoPomp Radio Pump – Reservoir Automation System

DepoPomp Radio Pump – Reservoir Automation System

What is DepoPomp RF Pump-Reservoir system?


DepoPomp Radio Pump – Reservoir system is an automations system that starts and and stops the pump motors wirelessly according to the level of water in the reservoir.

DepoPomp control pruducts can communicate over up to 15km distances between pumps and reservoirs using advanced Radio Frequency communication technics.

DepoPomp systems can be integrated to the wireless SCADA automaiton developed by Roltek Electronic, thus DepoPomp offers wirelss automation platform for further solutions such as tracking water levels in reservoirs and wireless control of pumps.

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DepoPomp System Features


• Easy installation, ready to use,

• RF communication over long distances,

• More then one frequency channel option,

• 2 digital input on reservoir device,

• 2 digital output on pump device,

• Signal strength indicator,

• Up to 2 years of battery life for battery powered reservoir devices where power line is not available,

• Number of input and output ports can be increased,(1)

• LCD screen,(1)

• Calendar feature(1)

• Pump state, Battery level information on LCD screen,(1)

(1) Optional, please ask for these features before purchase.

Why DepoPomp System ?

• Ready to use, easy installation,

• No requirement for RF communications licence,

• Water and energy saving,

• Up to 15km communication range,




• Wireless irrigation systems,

• Wireless I/O transfer,

• Pump-Reservoir automations,